How do I get started with my renovation project?
Feel free to email or call us to get started. Whether you have a detailed design ready or are just in the beginning phase of thinking through your project we are happy to discuss or answer any questions you might have.
What is included in my free estimate?
A one hour, in-home consultation at no cost to you. We will go over the scope and design of the project, taking any notes and measurements as needed, in order to present you with a quote.
How should I prepare for my in-home estimate?
Preparation is not required, but is strongly encouraged. Providing pictures, sketches, and details of what you want included in your project will ensure you are happy with the end result.
Is an inspection required for my project?
Some projects require city inspections. If you are interested, a list of required inspections can be found by contacting your local building and zoning department.
What if I decide to make changes after the project has started?
Not a problem. We can make a change order at any time to better suit your needs. The change order will specify if any additional cost or time is required to complete the change.
What if an unforeseen problem arises during my project?
Unfortunately, some unforeseen problems do arise during projects. We do everything possible to identify these problems before the project begins, but some things cannot be seen until the project is started. If this happens, a change order will show what additional work will be required to remedy the problem and will be explained to you in detail before proceeding.
How will I know what is included in my project?
The estimate and/or contract will specify all the details that are included in the project.
Am I responsible for purchasing and picking up materials?
We will purchase and provide materials for your renovation project. The homeowner is responsible for most special order items, but we are happy to assist as needed.
What are the payment terms?
Terms vary depending on the scope and timeline of each individual project and will be specified on the contract. Generally, full payment is not due until the project is complete.